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Marijuana NOT Meds

Could medical marijuana potentially eliminate the need for pain medication, anti inflammatory drugs, sleeping pills and a host of other afflictions like anxiety and depression? While the science is catching up, boomers are already lining up to get their prescriptions.  At the recent 55+ show in Ottawa, the crowds around the Canadian Cannabis Clinic’s booth was proof of the interest and openness to experiment with this healing herb. Many boomers grew up smoking marijuana in the 60’, 70’s and 80’s, so it’s no shocker that they would be open to using it again (some have never stopped), especially since...

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Savour Italy – Meet Antonio Mauriello

“I love Italy, I breathe Italy, I know the peninsula inside and out. I won’t show you the world. I will show you the best that Italy has to offer better than anybody else.”  says Antonio Mauriello, President of Savour Italy Travel.  And I believe him!  We sat down for a cappuccino and a chiacchierata (chat in Italian) about possible itineraries for our next family trip to Italy. As you may know, I spent 11 years in Italy and like Antonio, I love Italy too!  What makes travelling in Italy so attractive is that each region is so incredibly distinct...

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Bookie Boomers Top 10 Reads

It’s the last day of the year and I am reflecting on my Top Ten Reads of 2017.  I have read so many great books this year that it wasn’t easy to choose my favourites … but here goes.  I hope you will find the time to read a few of them and also suggest a few that I might enjoy in the New Year.  Happy reading everyone! “Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.” -anonymous   Eleonor Oliphant is Completely Fine is the debut novel by Gail...

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The Holiday Survival Guide for Boomers

Staying fit and not going completely off the rails is always a challenge during the holidays.  My friends at Evertrain have prepared The Holiday Survival Guide for people over 50 who are tired of letting the holidays dig you into a hole. If you’ve found yourself going through the cycle year-after-year of letting loose over the holidays and feeling like you HAVE to “get back on track” come January 1st, this guide is what you need. This guide will help you to control the “damage” done over the holidays and have you going into the New Year feeling great about yourself and...

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Battle of the Boomer Bulge – the fight is on!

Call it the Boomer Bulge, Middle Age Spread or for those in denial … love handles!  The Battle of the Bulge may be one of the hardest fights of your life … get the gloves out (better yet your runners) because the fight is on! It is all so confusing!  Fat/NO Fat – Carbs/NO Carbs – Protein???  How much – meat?  plant based?  And the BIG question – is red wine good for you or not … and I don’t want to hear a maximum of 5 ounces a day for women!  We always get the short end of...

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