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This Holiday Season Give the Gift of Your Time

The holiday season is once again upon us!  The one thing I really love about Christmas, is that warm and fuzzy feeling you get every time a complete stranger wishes you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.  It’s like we are all in this together! The long line ups at Chapters and Best Buy, the horrendous traffic, the mad rush to bake and decorate … and the anxiety over choosing the right gift.  We always get through it because we cherish those few precious times of the year when everyone is truly committed to being kind to one another. ...

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Battle of the Boomer Bulge – the fight is on!

Call it the Boomer Bulge, Middle Age Spread or for those in denial … love handles!  The Battle of the Bulge may be one of the hardest fights of your life … get the gloves out (better yet your runners) because the fight is on! It is all so confusing!  Fat/NO Fat – Carbs/NO Carbs – Protein???  How much – meat?  plant based?  And the BIG question – is red wine good for you or not … and I don’t want to hear a maximum of 5 ounces a day for women!  We always get the short end of...

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As The World Turns … or spins out of control!

The 45th has invaded our collective head space.  As the world turns it feels more like it’s spinning out of control.  Have you contracted #trumpitis? The time has come to focus on simple pleasures and positive actions. In the last 6 months I have felt the following;  paralyzed by constant negative news stories; shocked at the ignorance displayed by grown adults; saddened by the capacity for racism and violence; disgusted by the abuse of power;  and guilty for writing about joyful, positive, and some would say, frivolous or superficial topics. I have not written a blog post in many...

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Massage Therapy for Boomers-Pain Free Aging

While today’s boomers are generally in better health and have a longer life expectancy than any generation before them, there is also a rise in chronic health conditions.  This weeks guest blogger, Janet Penny, RMT and boomer, explains how regular Massage Therapy can help our aging bodies. “Age, eh?” Since turning 50 so  many conversations start this way.  Two simple words, so many meanings and the context ensures there is no doubt what is the reference. At the gym  this simple phrase suggests that we have to work harder to get the same results.  When uttered at the doctor’s...

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Ottawa Student Windows – The Little Window Cleaners Who Could …

Now, to me these young men look anything but little … but Matt Graves, from Ottawa Student Windows, came up with this title to describe their honorable and ambitious en-devour.  These community conscious students are all about giving back!  In 2016 they raised funds for the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa through their hard work – their motto – “when many people get together, small actions can add up to make big differences in the community”. Matt wrote this blog post and Ottawa Boomers is pleased to share.  Spring is coming and your windows will need washing.  By...

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