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Artful Living

With so many horrible and troubling things happening in the world, I sometimes just need to escape into something beautiful.  Making art is awesome but not everyone paints or takes amazing photographs … you’d be surprised however how many incredibly inspiring works of art are created everyday by ordinary people … artists! Many years ago I heard about this concept of offering affordable art by providing a platform that any artist could access to show their work.  I actually didn’t come across it however, until recently.  Maybe you’ve already seen or heard of  Crated … but if you haven’t, check it out!  Just go window shopping or...

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Read and Go Broke?

Not sure if you are crazy about reading?  But if you are you might appreciate my latest find!  Sign up for bookbub and you’ll get notices on cheap deals for your Kindle, Apple or Kobo readers.  There is a lot of somewhat questionable reading but you’ll also find some hidden gems.  The site allows you to narrow down your choices with genres then just check them out on for reviews.  I read at least a book a week and then maybe one on the weekend … at that rate you can literally go broke.  I have a Kindle and love it...

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Boomers go job hunting!

I have been trying for the past few years to change jobs.  Anyone feel my pain?  It seems that your old resume or CV is not valid anymore and there are new and improved ways of applying for a job.  A few frustrating examples are: everything requires opening an online account (which takes considerable time) your application process involves answering endless online questionnaires that seem totally irrelevant you MUST create a Linkden profile – another 5 hours ( I hate how you have to put a date on when you graduated) Your resume has to be adapted to every...

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Sage …. who knew?

Who knew?  I had tons of sage in my garden this year and it’s been drying out in my basement.  I love to put it in everything!  I am definitely going to have something with sage before my next French exam! I’ve included a great recipe for a simple and delicious use of sage … bon appetite!   Sage Strengthens Memory A single dose of sage can instantly sharpen your memory skills, helping you recall names, places and other facts more quickly and accurately for at least three hours straight, say researchers at Britain’s University of Northumbria at Newcastle. How? Plant...

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