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Boomers go job hunting!

I have been trying for the past few years to change jobs.  Anyone feel my pain?  It seems that your old resume or CV is not valid anymore and there are new and improved ways of applying for a job.  A few frustrating examples are: everything requires opening an online account (which takes considerable time) your application process involves answering endless online questionnaires that seem totally irrelevant you MUST create a Linkden profile – another 5 hours ( I hate how you have to put a date on when you graduated) Your resume has to be adapted to every...

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Sage …. who knew?

Who knew?  I had tons of sage in my garden this year and it’s been drying out in my basement.  I love to put it in everything!  I am definitely going to have something with sage before my next French exam! I’ve included a great recipe for a simple and delicious use of sage … bon appetite!   Sage Strengthens Memory A single dose of sage can instantly sharpen your memory skills, helping you recall names, places and other facts more quickly and accurately for at least three hours straight, say researchers at Britain’s University of Northumbria at Newcastle. How? Plant...

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Bonjour mes amis …. Learning French !

  Oui – Yes, I have finally given in to what I should have done along time ago … learn to speak French! I just received my grades from Beginner French at La Cité Collegiale, A – … not bad!  It’s been a great experience and I am starting to really look forward to being able to have conversations en Francais! They say it is never to late to learn a new language, and in fact, recent studies have shown that learning a language at any age is beneficial.  It seems your brain stays younger and even grows! Read these two recent...

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Can you touch your toes?

Good Morning Boomers! Sunday is my day to sleep in … but I can’t because my stiff, aching body forces me to get up.  Can anyone relate?  If it’s not my back, it’s my shoulder blah blah blah!  So I get up and try to do a bit of stretching … stretching is good … gets the kinks out and the circulation going.  Well, I bend forward to touch my toes … what? … this can’t be … how did this happen? … I cannot touch my toes!  Try it … something that you once took for granted is...

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