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World Class Opera in Ottawa

When world renowned Canadian opera soprano Maria Pellegrini founded Pellegrini Opera in 2004, her intention was to bring opera to people who would not normally have the chance to experience this art form.  We are fortunate that when Maria Pellegrini retired from her illustrious career and settled in Ottawa, she was determined to support and provide opportunity to young Canadian opera singers. One such singer is soprano Maria Knapik, whom performed the prima donna role of Floria Tosca in the recent Ottawa production of Tosca.   Although Maria Knapik is now a celebrated opera soprano in her own right, she attributes...

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Knitting for Healthy Communities

In case you haven’t heard, knitting is the latest health craze!  No longer reserved for Grannies, there’s solid science to back up the physical, psychological and social benefits of knitting.  It can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress, acting as a form of meditation. Knitting helps to prevent and treat arthritis.  In a group setting it can eliminate social isolation and treat social anxiety and addictions.  Perhaps, most importantly of all, knitting can stave off mental decline and help in the prevention of dementia.  Oh, it can also help kids improve their math skills! Some of the fondest...

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Bookie Boomer Reads – Smart Aging for Women

In Smart Aging for Women, Elizabeth Rigley tells it like it is! With her straight shooting style, she dissects and debunks many of the common beliefs and attitudes surrounding the aging process. As she clearly states in her opening chapter … how long you live is more about how you live your life each day and less about how your parents died.   Being a health and wellness advocate myself, I was very excited to read Smart Aging for Women and thrilled to attend Elizabeth’s book launch in Ottawa, where she resides. Elizabeth Rigley is a registered nurse and...

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FIAT 124 SPIDER: Italian Style in Ottawa

Boomer Flash Back:  1967 European Car of the Year … the FIAT 124 Spider.  To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of this seductive Italian sports car, I’m taking Italian Style to the streets of Ottawa with the NEW 2017 FIAT 124 Spider Classica from Ottawa’s Capital Dodge Dealership.   Adreanne Budd is the Ottawa’s Capital Dodge FIAT expert and with the flick of a wrist she has the top down (it literally takes 30 seconds) and invites me to get comfortable in the luxurious hand stitched leather seats that fit like a glove. Now, I am no car expert,...

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La Petite-Nation: the road less travelled

When Samuel de Champlain travelled up the Ottawa River in the year 1613, he came upon the peaceful and obliging Weskarini; the Algonquin people of “La Petite-Nation” .  Exploring the tributary, Petite Nation River, the early settlers of New France found beautiful forests and lakes with an abundance of wildlife, fish, berries, medicinal herbs and fertile land for agriculture. The Weskarini survived on hunting, fishing and foraging and later became involved in the fur trade with New France.  Unfortunately, their allies could not protect them against the Iroquois whom had taken up with the British enemies. Upon returning from a trip to the...

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