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Boomer Rebooted – Finding Your Dream Job

Back in January 2016,  I published a blog post entitled Rebooting the Boomer and featured a photo from the famous 9 to 5 film starring Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin and Dolly Parton.  Almost by design, these inspirational ladies have made a comeback with the Netflix exclusive Frankie & Grace (sans Dolly who happens to be super busy on tour) and are proof enough of Boomers Rebooted! In my Rebooting the Boomer post, I discussed the challenges and opportunities of changing careers in the boomer years and the trend for entrepreneurship amongst the boomer generation.  I also came across this research from Trend Forecast:...

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Athleisure Summer Fashions for 50 Plus

I love summer!  Who doesn’t?  But the search for summer fashions can send us boomers into major crisis mode!  What to wear … what to bare? Athleisure  could be the answer. Swimsuits … ahhhhhh … the horror of buying a swimsuit when you’re all pasty white, under those florescent lights in the department store change room!  Not sure how the guys feel .. but for most of my women friends, it can be a nightmare! But then again … who cares, right?  We are past the age of freaking out over every little love handle!  Nevertheless, we all need to find...

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Insight into Luxury Travel to India

Has travelling to India been on your radar?  Intrigued by the culture, food and history of this ancient civilization? Insight Vacations takes you on an adventure with all the luxuries of an Indian Maharajah. After living in South East Asia for many years, I’m embarrassed to say that I never made it to India.  It’s the missing piece in my “Eat, Love, Pray” scenario.  I’ve eaten with the Romans in Italy, succumbed to the lush beauty and culture of Bali but have yet to explore the mystical India of my dreams. The “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 1 & 2”...

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Communes Come Full Circle – The Cohousing Solution

Welcome to the sharing economies latest trend … #househacking, otherwise known as cooperative living – cohousing or the millennial commune. Shared living space is making a revival after several generations that viewed single home ownership as the ultimate goal. The 60’s and 70’s were the communal living heydays with the hippie generation sharing everything from housing, food and possessions to sexual partners. A toned down version of the movement continued into the 80’s and peaked in the early 90’s. With the economic downturn in recent years, cohousing has made a comeback. Soaring house prices in cities across Canada, especially...

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My Big Love for A Little Life

For someone that reads a book a week on average, this Bookie Boomer Review was a long time coming.  I was so busy reading I neglected to share.  During the long winter nights I managed to watch a few movies as well. I prefer my movies funny, romantic, adventurous, and dramatic. I really don’t enjoy tragic, violent, scary or sad.  When it comes to books however, my tolerance seems to expand .. the fine lines blurred. ROOM was one of those films that I found difficult to watch. I had to continuously take a break or hide my eyes. The film was based on the 2010 novel by Irish-Canadian...

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