Welcome to Ottawa Boomers

Thanks for visiting Ottawa Boomers!  Maybe you’re a baby boomer or maybe just curious about what us old folks do for entertainment … either way, I hope you enjoy reading some of my ideas for enjoying life and living well.

I am a naturally curious individual (my kids say I’m nosy – what’s wrong with people watching? It’s not my fault they’re speaking loud and I can hear them!).  I have lived in South East Asia and Europe and travelled to over 20 countries in this big beautiful world … and I am not done yet.  I also have a good appetite and love food, wine and dining around.  On my radar – health, fashion, technology, good reads and the latest and greatest trends for us 50+ ladies and gent’s.

Ottawa has been my home for the last 15 years, and I love it! Even though I am a “global” kinda gal … I’ll be trying to keep tabs on things here at home and report on fun things to see and do right here in our Nations Capital.

Please feel free to comment on any post and share your ideas.  Most of all, enjoy life after 50 because you’ve made it this far and there is so much more fun to come …

New          Enjoy!