The 45th has invaded our collective head space.  As the world turns it feels more like it’s spinning out of control.  Have you contracted #trumpitis? The time has come to focus on simple pleasures and positive actions.

In the last 6 months I have felt the following;  paralyzed by constant negative news stories; shocked at the ignorance displayed by grown adults; saddened by the capacity for racism and violence; disgusted by the abuse of power;  and guilty for writing about joyful, positive, and some would say, frivolous or superficial topics.

I have not written a blog post in many months …. I have been blindsided and possibly overly sensitive … but so are many of us.  Helen Mirren offered this no-nonsense observation of the 45th in a Vanity Fair interview –  “It’s a bit like watching a car crash.  There is a bit of mesmerizing horror – it’s why we love horror films.”   That sums it up … we cannot take our eyes off the constant drama. The soap opera of our times.  Reality television at its best!

Dilemma: If I stop watching, listening, caring, am I a bad person for not being concerned about the future of our free world?  If I keep following the drama am I being a responsible global citizen and considered politically engaged (even though it feels surreal and somewhat sickening)?

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction (if you are a believer) could be one way to explain the worlds obsession with the 45th. Millions of people focusing their thoughts on negative news attracts and strengthens the negative force to gigantic proportions … sucking you into its vortex.  More likely it’s the constant barrage of news stories … the medias never ending coverage of the 45th.

twitter (once my favourite social media platform) has been hijacked by outlandish statements, childish bickering, and downright hateful slandering, that posting my favourite restaurant pic seems so irrelevant. Not to mention my once preferred Netflix series House of Cards which pales in comparison to the real life Washington.  Does he have to ruin everything?  I can’t even stomach buying Ivanka’s clothes anymore … and they were my work wear go to!

I guess there is no point regurgitating over and over how we got here … I just know that I need to get out! As you can see, ranting is a side effect of #trumpitis!

Stay tuned for As The World Turns part two …. where I will focus on all the good news stories I have lived and loved while convalescing from the psychological damage caused by the 45th.  I now prefer to see the 45th as a comedy of errors.  For a good read on the history of madness on the throne or otherwise: The Star – “The madness of King Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States”.  For a good laugh and a scary reality check, read a post I wrote two years ago (so much has happened since)  #hairgate the politics of hair.

Till the next episode of As The World Turns … adieu!