Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock … re-live your teen years … were the “good old days” really that good?  Take a walk down memory lane with BOOM, Rick Miller’s solo performance on the NAC Stage until March 12, 2016. Covering the music, culture, politics and defining moments from the years 1945 to 1969, BOOM‘s explosive multi-media sound and light performance will blow your boomer mind!

Even though I was born in the latter years of the baby boom generation, Rick Miller’s BOOM was like a freaky kind of flashback to my childhood.  He brilliantly weaves the personal stories of three characters from the baby boom generation into a wider world context that engages the audience in an emotional and nostalgic journey back in time.  I laughed, shed a few tears, was shocked and even jumped out of my seat when the deafening sound of a single gun shot rang through the theatre … the shot that killed Martin Luther King, Jr.  Then there’s the music!  Hank Williams, Buddy Holly, Joni Mitchel, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and one of my favourites  …. “My Generation” by The Who.  Do you remember The Loco Motion?

Most of what is written or depicted on TV or in the movies regarding the boomer generation revolves around American culture and politics. Although many of the events that defined those years did take place in the U.S., BOOM also gives us both a Canadian and European perspective through the stories of the narrated characters, Madeline from Cobourg, Ontario and Rudolph from Vienna. Laurence from Chicago represents the boomer generation through the eyes of an African American and provides an insight into some of the counter cultural sentiments of the times. Experiencing the boomer years through their respective stories creates a deeper personal experience for the audience and invokes the question … where was I when …?

The mesmerizing multi-media production of light and sound takes place on a giant round platform that resembles a vinyl disc with a time capsule tube like structure in the middle where Rick Miller creates his magic with incredible energy, intensity and shear talent!  But it doesn’t end there ….

Following this 2 hour one man stage documentary, the audience is treated to a “Talkback” session Q & A.  Rick is such an open, giving and talented individual with a passion for stories and storytelling and his interactions with the audience gives voice to the personal experiences that are so precious to tell and so important to remember.  In fact, after each performance, a video camera is set up in the theater lobby to record the stories of anybody who would like to share.  Just click on this link to view YOUR STORIES

Even though the audience consisted of mostly baby boomers on the evening I attended, I highly recommend taking your teens, young adults and grandchildren to see BOOM.  What an incredible real life history lesson. I will definitely be returning with the entire family!

See BOOM at the National Arts Centre until March 12, 2016.  Read more about Rick Miller.  Stay tuned for the Points of View BOOM Podcast from the NAC coming soon!