If you live in Ottawa, or probably just about anywhere in Canada, you can’t help but dream about lying on a hot sunny beach right about now.  Having travelled quite a bit in my life, and being the beach lover that I am, I thought it might be nice to share some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen and hope that you will also share with our readers some of the best beaches you’ve ever been to.  Please feel free to comment so I can feature your favourite beach.

This week I’ve picked a beach very dear to me as I lived 1 km from this beach for 10 years and know every nook and cranny! (only a true boomer would know that expression)  Anyway, if you have never heard of Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian), it is a beautiful island off the coast of Italy and almost smack dab in the middle of France, Spain and North Africa … amazing location.

My good friend sent me a message on facebook a few days ago to say that it was 22c in Sardinia … and she was on this beach.  I messaged back that it was 22 here as well, -22!

Sardinia is a beautiful and magical island in the Mediterranean Sea, with crystal azure coloured water and fine sand beaches that stretch for miles.  Although the island belongs to Italy the island is an official autonomous region with their own distinct culture and language.  Although Italian is widely spoken, Sardu is the most popular language and is a distinct branch of the Romance languages and a derivative of  Spanish, Catalan and Italian.  Italians cannot understand Sardu (neither can Canadians).

The culture is ancient, the people are hospitable, the cuisine is incredible and the wine is strong and red!  The climate is temperate with lot’s of sunshine and really hot, dry weather in the summer months.  I loved living there and it’s a great place for a vacation or even to retire.  To learn more visit Sardegna Tourism.