I admit it … I am officially suffering from extreme cabin fever!  I know it is all everyone is talking about … the weather.  Cold, cold and more cold!  When I start blogging about the gadgets I own and actually find them exciting, you just know that brain freeze has set in.

Joking aside, here are a few of my favourites in order of purchase.  Last years Christmas gift … the CROP!  Not a crop top, god forbid, especially since it was from my mother to my husband, but that’s actually the name of this nifty tablet stand.  Use it in the kitchen when reading on-line recipes – use it in bed with a breakfast tray to watch your favourite Netflix series (can’t wait for the new season of House of Cards) or for surfing hands free while you enjoy your morning coffee on the patio ( oh no, I just had a vision of sitting on a patio – noooooo!) I love winter … I love winter … I  love winter!

Find it at ZONE


Next up are two cool kitchen gadgets.  The Mix & Chop by Pampered Chef  has got to be one of the silliest yet useful inventions ever!  Seriously, who thinks up these things?  It definitely lives up to its name … it mixes and chops or chops and mixes … either way it works really well at mixing and chopping ground beef, whole tomatoes, frozen fruit or making easy scrambled eggs.  Sure, you can live without one, but it really is a nifty time saving tool that is dishwasher safe and can be used on non stick surfaces without scratching.

Mix and Chop

Latest purchase, for the kitchen again (what else can you do while hibernating besides eat?) the Microplane Premium Zester/Grater … wow, what a mouthful (no pun intended).  This little gem works like a dream for zesting lemons, limes and ginger, as well as grating parmesan cheese, nutmeg and chocolate.  Apparently the razor sharp edges of the Microplane are made of surgical grade stainless steel and its dishwasher safe.  Find it at Bed Bath and Beyond .


So, to recap … the recipe for the winter blues – cook up a delicious gourmet dinner, pour yourself a glass of wine ( try the Rivera Cappellaccio Riserva Aglianico 2007  $17.95 at the LCBO) crawl into bed with your CROP and embrace the Ottawa winter!