Back in January 2016,  I published a blog post entitled Rebooting the Boomer and featured a photo from the famous 9 to 5 film starring Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin and Dolly Parton.  Almost by design, these inspirational ladies have made a comeback with the Netflix exclusive Frankie & Grace (sans Dolly who happens to be super busy on tour) and are proof enough of Boomers Rebooted!

In my Rebooting the Boomer post, I discussed the challenges and opportunities of changing careers in the boomer years and the trend for entrepreneurship amongst the boomer generation.  I also came across this research from Trend Forecast: The Boomer Boom trend is wide open. Big businesses, established industries and wide-eyed/on-trend entrepreneurs are positioned to create products, services, media and facilities for keeping aging boomers vibrant throughout old age.

In my post, I followed up with 10 tips on how to re-invent yourself.  Tip #10 was  “Keep your eyes open – just because you’ve chosen self-employment now doesn’t mean a chance to land your dream job isn’t a viable option.  You’re freer than ever to choose how you want to work and spend your time.”

Viola!  While working feverishly to create self-employment opportunities, I landed my dream job! And guess what?  It’s in the retirement industry … right on trend!  How’s that for karma?

According to an article by The Canadian Press “Canada is in store for a seniors’ retirement home construction boom to accommodate a surge in the number of aging baby boomers.  Those building the facilities say they’ll include all the boomer-friendly comforts and conveniences of home.

They expect Wi-Fi that eases communication with loved ones, common areas with recreational services like pools and gyms, access to gardens and lifelong learning.  Many seek urban settings and want to be close to liquor stores, cafes and shopping.  Most importantly, they want choice — about meals, activities and levels of care, says Thomas Wellner, CEO of global “senior living communities” operator Revera, which sees a doubling of its Canadian units in the next five years.”

Today’s Geriatric Medicine journal states that “the baby boomers will be more independent than the previous generations of patients and will therefore want to be involved in their treatment and in their treatment choices. Primary care professionals will need to inquire whether a baby boomer engages in alternative or complimentary medicine or is seeking treatment from chiropractors, acupuncturists, or reflexologists, to name only a few alternative practitioners.”

Bible and bingo routines, popular in todays retirement communities, will not satisfy the boomer generation.  How about  headphones and listening stations for music; iPads and Netflix; nondenominational chapels; Snoezelen multi-sensory therapy rooms; full service spas; yoga, tai chi and meditation studios; private meeting rooms for political debates and activism; and even business centres for senior entrepreneurs.  And what about medical marijuana?  Same sex couples?  Boomers have a history of not taking no for an answer, so retirement providers must be prepared to go with the flow.

This all sounds so exciting right?  We are Boomers and we have the power, creativity and education to create what retirement living will look like … for ourselves and our fellow boomers.

Boomers can support Boomers through businesses and services tailored to our needs so that we all have opportunities for either employment or self-employment.  There has never been a better time to Reboot the Boomer!