I have been trying for the past few years to change jobs.  Anyone feel my pain?  It seems that your old resume or CV is not valid anymore and there are new and improved ways of applying for a job.  A few frustrating examples are:

  • everything requires opening an online account (which takes considerable time)
  • your application process involves answering endless online questionnaires that seem totally irrelevant
  • you MUST create a Linkden profile – another 5 hours ( I hate how you have to put a date on when you graduated)
  • Your resume has to be adapted to every position you apply for and you can’t even state all your work experience or they will think you are joking 🙂 Can she really have done ALL that?  She must be ancient!
  • If you are really on top of things you would produce a video resume – now that is really scary!
  • It’s really hard to write a great job application after 3 glasses of wine

After submitting over 30 resumes without any success, my husband suggested I do some research into what the latest trends in resume writing are.  So of course I googled it and found this great article that really helped.


I immediately got to work on a new and improved format that I have to say I was pleased with.  I have managed to get shortlisted for a few positions (didn’t clinch it though) and even landed an interview.  It was really weird … I am so used to being the one doing the interviewing and asking the questions.  The person interviewing me was , I’d say, 25 years younger than me.  She was really sweet and I felt like I would towards my daughter … not great when you want a job!!!!

Although it all seems comical, job hunting in your 50’s is pretty scary!  I really don’t feel over the hill, and just look at all the successful seniors around the world …. Hillary Clinton, Christine Legard and Angela Merkel are some of my female boomer hero’s. So don’t give up … someone, somewhere will recognize your life and work experiences and appreciate all that you have to offer …. just send them a snap chat!