Ok…so here goes another post on the BRAIN.  I can’t help it … the human brain is so fascinating and you have to admit that every boomer has given some thought to brain health and what we can do to keep our brains healthy while aging.  Just to recap … eat Sage and learn French (or any language).  Now comes the hard part (or easy, as you will see)… finding your life’s purpose!

Years ago, while attending a wellness conference, participants were asked to write down their life’s purpose … just like that … the first thing that came to mind.  It was astounding … the answers were often not at all what you might have thought.  On my little piece of paper I wrote “spread the word”.  I know that I have a passion for talking, writing and communicating in all its forms … but I hadn’t realized that is what I believed was  “my purpose” in life.

If I think back to my childhood, some of my most vivid memories have been related to performing in some form or another.  I always dreamt about being a singer, dancer, actress etc.  I still remember being about 10 years old and sitting at our kitchen table stirring up a bowl of ice cream until it was mush and then pretending I was a TV reporter in some poor under developed country doing a story on starving children.  I ended up studying television Broadcasting in College and working in the media … no coincidence!

Later, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu and discovered there were more subtle ways that our bodies communicated.  I am sure many of you are familiar with Qi (in Chinese) Ki (in Japanese) or Prana (in Sanskrit) or vital energy as it is called in the Western world.  Communicating without words is a very fascinating subject.

I love to paint, play guitar, sing and dance  … all forms of communication and “spreading the word” on how beautiful life and the human spirit can be.  Usually my only audience is myself or my family, but it makes me feel good!  I think most famous people will tell you that what they do, they do for the love of it … not the fame or recognition … it is about doing something you are passionate about!

Try a quick test … grab a piece of paper right now and write down you life’s purpose … don’t think about it … just write the first thing that comes to mind.  Great … now use this as your guide and follow your passions … big or small … they will keep your brain healthy and strong!

Read this excellent article to explore more about your passions and the brain. Your Life’s Purpose.  This is an awesome site with tons of info on the brain … you will love it!