Good Morning Boomers!

Sunday is my day to sleep in … but I can’t because my stiff, aching body forces me to get up.  Can anyone relate?  If it’s not my back, it’s my shoulder blah blah blah!  So I get up and try to do a bit of stretching … stretching is good … gets the kinks out and the circulation going.  Well, I bend forward to touch my toes … what? … this can’t be … how did this happen? … I cannot touch my toes!  Try it … something that you once took for granted is suddenly just not there!

I have now decided to take on a new challenge for the new year …. get up every morning and try to touch my toes … eventually I will get there and then I am never going back!  Are you ready to take the challenge?

Even better would be to start practicing yoga again!  Find a way to take even just 1 yoga class a week.  The City of Ottawa offers different types of Yoga for 50+ and the sign up fees are reasonable.  City of Ottawa


Check out the oldest yoga teacher in the world … 96!  Namaste!

Warning … do not try this at home 🙂