Grey is THE new hair colour … yes, you heard correctly GREY!  While I was sitting in the salon on Friday getting my grey hair coloured honey blonde, a twenty-something cool girl strides confidently into the salon with a full head of grey hair.  We both probably paid the same hundreds of $$$ to colour our hair … it’s like the world’s turned upside down!

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I have to admit that grey looks much better on a pretty 20 year old than on most boomers (men are exceptions – the silver fox?) and even though that doesn’t seem fair, in most cases it’s true.  Some boomer women look fabulous, think Helen Mirren, Christine Legarde and Jamie Lee Curtis, but a lot of us just don’t.  I tried leaving my hair natural and mixing it with highlights to gradually go grey, but after a few months my teenage kids were like … “You have grey hair Mom?” and “Mom you look better with blonde hair” … to “Mom you look old” … that did it.  The very next day I was back to being blonde and have never looked back!

Real GreyReal grey man

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