Ok … this is a real Asian Alley!  I took this photo…oh…maybe 20 years ago.  I think it was a street food market in Malaysia and I really like the beautiful smile on this woman.  I’ve travelled all over Asia and love Asian street food and even though I’ve tried some great Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian restaurants right here in Ottawa, my new favourite is Asian Alley in the Byward Market.  Not only does the décor take me back in time … with it’s wooden crates for seats, long communal tables, baskets full of chop sticks and open kitchen, but the food … yes, real authentic Asian Alley street food at it’s best!

On a cold day, nothing can compare to a steaming bowl of their Spicy Organic Beef Pho.  I ordered the small portion and it was definitely enough to fill me up, with lots of delicious noodles, tender beef and just the right amount of spice in the fragrant broth, as well as a side of cabbage, Thai basil and a chili pepper … best pho ever!  A few ladies at the next table ordered some spring rolls and I couldn’t resist ordering a few for myself.  Light, crispy … melt in your mouth goodness.

A few days later I was back for more and tried the Vermicelli Chicken … amazing!  The grilled chicken was extremely tasty, moist and tender and was served in a bowl with cabbage, finely sliced cucumbers, carrots, fresh herbs and vermicelli noodles topped with a spring roll chopped in 4 bite size pieces with a side of dipping sauce.  The entire presentation was so appealing!

There are still so many dishes to try so I know I will be back soon and highly recommend that you visit too!

Their website is still a work in progress but check it out Asian Alley