I have seen the word “cauliflower wings” at least 50 times in the last week!  I love cauliflower but now I am starting to get obsessed about trying this … and I will!  This Sundays Superbowl calls for Buffalo Wings and I’m serving up Cauliflower Wings … PETA and Vegan endorsed!  (I may be eating alone, but who cares, I’m not a football fan)

The point is…these wings have gone viral!  All I know…is that there’s going to be a ton of very gassy vegans on the loose so beware!  Apparently, cauliflower contains non-digestible carbohydrates that causes gas and are one of the top ten causes of gas and bloating … very uncomfortable (wear loose fitting sweatpants to the party and be sure you set yourself up close to the bathroom or a doorway for quick escape).  When everyone is cheering … let it rip!

Here’s the recipe … enjoy!  Spicy Cauliflower Wings