The first time I’d ever even heard the term Bucket List, I was watching the 2007 movie of the same name, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Two complete strangers diagnosed with cancer and stuck in the same hospital room take stock of their lives and create a list of things they want to see and do before they kick the bucket. The bucket list becomes an adventure of a lifetime.

When you hit the big 50 you start thinking more about what you still want to do before you die and making a bucket list can no doubt be a fun and insightful exercise. Who hasn’t given a thought to all the things they would like to do, see and experience before they kick the bucket.

I decided to inquire with my best friend “google” about the bucket list phenomena. It seems that creating a bucket list is not restricted to those in the crutch of a mid-life crisis. There are plenty of websites and books to give you bucket list ideas .. there’s even a bucket list app! In fact, I recently heard my teenage kids talking about their bucket list around the dinner table … and it got me thinking.  Writing up a bucket list when you’re 18 actually makes sense … you have a pretty good chance of completing it, and many years to do so.

But does a bucket list really make sense when you’re a boomer? More like wishful thinking! Believe me, this is not about giving up on your dreams .. there are still things I would love to see and do, but do I really have the energy for skydiving? (and yes, I really did think about skydiving 20 years ago).

I know there are exceptions to the rule … those boomers that run marathons at 80 and travel the world on a sailboat when they retire, but for most of us, a few months in a warmer climate during the winter, a glass of wine, a nice meal with a few friends and some peace and quiet suffices just as nicely.

Instead of a bucket list (and all its pressures) .. why not celebrate what you’ve done … a kind of retrospect or bucket list in reverse. I’m going to call it the LIST BUCKET.  Make a list of all the things you are proud of accomplishing, the places you’ve been, the things you’ve learned, the lives you’ve touched … then put the list in a bucket!  Just returned from a fantastic vacation, learned something new, reached a milestone, helped out a friend in need … drop it in the bucket!

Wow…right? You’ve done so much! YES and YES once more! Your life really has been full of cool things, people, places, moments in time. Near or far, big or small … fill that bucket, then sit back, relax and enjoy what comes your way!  The rest is just icing on the cake …

SPECIAL ALERT – It seems that “filling your bucket” was someone else’s idea! While discussing this post with some friends, I discovered a series of books and activities for school age children that encourages acts of kindness as a way to fill your bucket and someone else’s too!  I love it … give this video a watch … it gives filling your bucket a whole new meaning.

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My “List Bucket” Collage ……  (remember when collages were cool?)

Bucket List

Camel ride Great Wall of China ~ travels in Africa ~ Paris ~ wine in Venice ~ family in Slovakia ~ Sardinia ~ Hong Kong ~ leaning Tower of Pisa ~ Philippines ~ Vienna

Bucket List

Boracay Island ~ Mexico ~ Tuscany ~ Columbia ~ Shiatsu School ~ TV Journalist ~ my children when they were young ~ love of my life

Tell me how you’ve filled your bucket!