Ottawa Boomers fell off the map this year.  I attempted to explain my state of mind some time ago in my post As the World Turns.  Well, it just kept turning, or should I say CHURNING, and I couldn’t jump off!  Season 2 of the Trump reality show was even more of a blockbuster (or if I was a man, ball buster) than season 1 and I just could not wrap my head around writing about anything that would not pale in the dark light of doom.

OK … I am being a bit dramatic, but the fact of the matter is, I just wasn’t feeling it! 

A New Year is upon us …

I decided to reflect on the past year (novel idea, right?) and be thankful for the wonderful events in my own little world.  

My husband and I became grandparents when his son and his wife gave birth to baby Logan; I finally met my step-sister Kelley and visited with my Dad and his partner after 10 long years; my brother and his wife, along with my two nephews and new little niece, visited us from the Philippines; we renovated our kitchen which is absolutely stunning and great for entertaining our ever growing family; just before Christmas I was assigned a new job with my company that will keep me closer to home and out of the daily grind of rush hour traffic; and once again, I was able to spend a lovely holiday season with my great big blended family!  

A new beginning for Ottawa Boomers …

I have crossed to the other side and begin this new chapter of life with great intentions.  A focus on health, fitness and travel will be on my agenda, as well as exploring the subject of finding your passions and focusing on living authentically as we age.

The 2019 Ottawa Boomers may be a bit more self-serving, a push to create the life I envision, and hopefully along the way, give you some food for thought.

I’ve always liked to share the things I’ve seen or read … that’s one of the reasons I started this blog.  Read what 10 Writers on 10 Aspects of Aging have to say.  Very inspiring and thoughtful.  You might also want to change your news feed to The Good News Network … just saying!

Happy New Year and all the BEST in 2019!