Again?  Yes … even though we spent two fabulous weeks this summer in Tuscany, we just couldn’t forgo our annual Great Canadian Cottage Vacation!

While travelling to exotic international destinations has become the norm, there is something so special about a relaxing vacation on a beautiful Canadian lake.  The moments of pure peacefulness, the rustle of the trees in that wild wind that comes out of nowhere and calms just as quickly, the hot bright sun that makes you crazy lazy on the dock and calls for an afternoon gin and lemonade, a refreshing dive into the cool, clean, crystal clear waters of a spring fed lake, the kooky cannonballs off the dock … young and old alike (I just love seeing adults act silly!), the BBQ everything, the blazing campfire perfect for smores, stories and games, the call of the loons under a star packed sky and hair that smells smokey when you wake up the next morning to start it all over again …. ahhhh cottage life!

Of course I could go on … kayaking, canoeing, fishing, walks in the woods … not caring about what you’re wearing, what your hair looks like or about anything that resembles your real life back in the city.

Thankful is the word and feeling that best describes a Great Canadian Cottage Vacation.  Thankful for the majesty of our forests, the purity of our water, the economic privilege to take a break from work and mostly, the possibility to create memories with your family and friends … special memories that last a lifetime and that are uniquely Canadian.