I love summer!  Who doesn’t?  But the search for summer fashions can send us boomers into major crisis mode!  What to wear … what to bare? Athleisure  could be the answer. Swimsuits … ahhhhhh … the horror of buying a swimsuit when you’re all pasty white, under those florescent lights in the department store change room!  Not sure how the guys feel .. but for most of my women friends, it can be a nightmare!

But then again … who cares, right?  We are past the age of freaking out over every little love handle!  Nevertheless, we all need to find what looks decent, non offending and above all, comfortable!

Tailored clothes are great for business attire, but what I really want is stretchyyyy to the max, yet flattering.  A few years ago, while shopping for my son’s sports gear,  I discovered that sporting goods stores like SportCheck and Sports Experts have some really cool fashions (non workout) that are super comfy, well made and flattering. One of my new discoveries is Prana Clothing (sustainable, fair trade) … delicious dresses that look really good on your average boomer babe!   They are  lightweight, stretchy and have built in sports bras for support and comfort. Find them in Ottawa Stores.



Then , of course, my all time favourite, Lululemon (nothing compares when your talking shape shifting).  Lululemons spring/summer 2016 collection features comfortable everyday pieces that are classy enough for city life and great for travel.  Check out the Breeze By Tunic $68.  Throw it over your work out gear and off you go … afternoon cocktails with the girls!  The Tranquil Crop Pant is my choice for comfort and style.  The Swift Ultra Light fabric is an airy and lightweight with a comfortable knit waistband and a tulip shaped cuff $88.  Lululemon is great for men’s wear as well.  I purchased my man a few LuLu t’s 6 years ago and he’s still wearing them.




Where swimsuits are concerned … Tommy Bahama is the only one for me!  OK, so you say, there is no way I am paying $150 bucks for a bathing suit!!!!  Well, once you try one of these beauties on, you’ll be pulling out your Visa Card faster than John Wayne pulls a pistol!  (wow…can you tell I’m a boomer?)  You can find both men’s and women’s Tommy Bahama fashions at Nordstrom at the Rideau Centre.

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is expensive, but think of it as an investment.  Peace of mind, discreet beauty, classic, comfortable and of excellent quality.  Just like in the commercials … some things are priceless!

Guys have great choices as well when it comes to comfortable summer sports wear.  My man has purchased some really nice shirts and shorts from brands like Oakley and Tommy Bahama.  The trick is to look out for the sales!

Tommy Bahama

An analyst at Barclays estimates that America’s athletic apparel market will increase by 50 percent to more than $100 billion by 2020, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.  Some $27 billion is spent annually on yoga products alone but with little increase in yoga participation. This latest trend has been coined ‘Athleisure’.  Top sports brand like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and Puma have been cashing in on the trend for the past few years and really stepping up their game.  Now brands like H&M, Tony Burch and even Louis Vuitton are offering ‘Athleisure’ lines.  New brands such as Yogamoga and Sweaty Betty are challenging the LuLulemon empire, but for now are only available in the U.S. or online to Canada.  And don’t forget about the shoes!  Women need shoes!  Check out these babies by Nike.


It seems more and more and more women are throwing on yoga pants and tank tops to run to the grocery store or even sit through meetings at work, rather than reserving them for an actual yoga class.  And who can blame them? It looks like comfortable is the new fashionable according to the New York Times recent article on the stretchy fashion industry … maybe it will even inspire more boomers to get active. Try shopping Ottawa sports stores this summer for a stylish, comfortable, cool and confident look and feel!